Am I Too Old to Learn Art?


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Today I am going to talk about a question that I frequently get asked. “Am I too old to learn art?” – Man, I’ve heard it from so many people, so many times. Initially, I used to laugh it off, thinking it was a joke.

But then I realised, people are genuinely asking me. That is why, I have decided to share with you my views on this question. I might add, I’m going to be pretty blunt about it, but I don’t mean to offend anyone.

Is age a factor in learning art?

Let me get straight to the point, and say no. Age is not a factor in learning art. There is no “right” age to start learning any skill. Art is no different. You are never to old to start learning anything.

I know many people say, “I’m too old to learn art”, and “Oh, I’ve passed the age to learn art”, but hey, these are just excuses that we make up ourselves. It might be easier to learn art when you are younger, suppose say in your teens or twenties.

But its definitely not impossible to learn when you are older.

The excuses we make

If you have a look at my YouTube video on this topic, you will see that I talk about how people make mental barriers for themselves. This stops them from learning art, or any other skill, for that matter.

Often, we hear people talk about how they are too old to learn art. This is just an excuse, I think. If you keep telling yourself, you can’t do something, you’ll just create a mental block about doing it. Eventually, you are actually not going to be able to do it.

Age, just a number

We’ve all heard the age old phrase – age is just a number. It is definitely true, in the case of learning art, or any other skill. I believe that older people can easily learn art, and you are never too old for it.

All you need is the determination, and the willingness to learn. That, and the right mentoring. Hey, even my grandma was able to use Instagram. She didn’t even have the technology growing up.

Mental blocks to learning art

When you reach a certain age, you start to think that you have reached the saturation point for learning anything. Older people also become more weary to critisism.

These are the real mental weights that people face, that makes them think they are too old for learning how to draw. People genuinely start to believe that they can’t do something. It’s crazy!

Share your views

What are your views on this topic? Do you think that there is any age cap for learning art? Let me know in the comments section of my video. I would love to hear your take on this matter.

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