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arm-adillo-prismacolor-pencil-carry-case-cool-pencil-case-artist-bag-art-supplies-invader-zimWe all have different styles and different backgrounds to drawing and painting. Some people are self-taught, some are trained somewhere. There are a lot of differences, but there are many more similarities in my opinion. There is a base learning level that most professional artists have. And there are ways they go about determining what will push them along. That’s one reason I always recommend having a teacher or mentor, just someone from outside of yourself that could help with advice on what you are too close to see.
1) Identify your weak points – This is something that’s going to be somewhat obvious if you are a beginner. It might be a little bit hard if you are a novice. Again a teacher comes in handy for this. Think of what you draw the least.
2) Targeting weaknesses and training them – Get as many videos or tutorials as you can and digest them. And grab some scrap paper or a sketchbook you don’t cherish and repeatedly draw it until you have a good idea of how to draw it from your mind. Learning the structure of something is the most important part of memorizing it.
3) Schedule – Something that wears on my mind when working on something new, is that I feel like I could be finishing another project. However, scheduling can really make it so you never feel anxious or weird about drawing something you normally don’t.
4) Keep Practicing – It goes without saying that ‘Practice makes Perfect’ and if you really want to get better at art, then it has to be a habit. Make it a part of you almost like a second skin such that the first thing on your mind when you wake up is art and the last thing on your mind before you sleep is art. You will discover that it will get easier with time and even you yourself will be surprised at the rapid progress you’re making.
Every professional goes through this process. The process of breaking down and small chunking things to create large changes. You are going to find out what you need to improve on and immediately find the resources that will help you. These resources might be outside of yourself. Creative people always want to do everything themselves. There are just not enough hours in the day to teach yourself every aspect of the art game. A much more intelligent way would be to optimize your learning and taking the fastest routes there. Resources that will help are the internet, more advanced artists, and outsiders’ opinions. Remember you will be there.
The biggest tool you will have is honesty. Most people are going to lie to themselves and consistently be biased. The most unbiased view will help you improve.
Overall, just keep an open mind such that you’re ready to learn new things as you go forward in your journey to being a better artist; then ensure that you continue to push and you will get to optimize your abilities to any heights you want.

What can you do right now to make everything alot easier? Would start immediately by cleaning up your workspace, organized your supplies. And make a list of things you can do. The armadillo makes one part of your life a lot more organized. If you are an artist it’s a bigger part then you think. The artist bag can be purchased at a below.-Thanks


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