Is the sewn in magnet strong enough to hold a full load of pencils?

YES.The Arm-adillo uses a similar magnet to that of employee name tags. The magnet is fairly powerful
and very secure.

Will the pencils poke my arm?

NO.Not if they are positioned correctly. We’ve modified The Arm-adillo to be placed in a way that wont poke
your arm if set in its default position.

Can it hold thin pencils?

Yes! it can handle very thin pencils. There are 3 kinds of diameters in the holders. first kind- derwent pencils. which are very thin , and extremely common diameter. second kind – Mid sized pens, and a lot of in between. third kind – 1 Marker sized. something about the size of a chartpak marker or magic marker. +++Then there is one I didn’t show in the video. There is going to be an elastic one that should accommodate a mid – very large item. +++ Yeah I am constantly giving it to friends to test out. I want to be sure its quality product before I send all of them out, should my kickstarter succeed.

Can it be dried in the Dryer?


Is there any animal product in it?

NO. There is no animal product in the Arm-adillo.