How to Draw Anything from Life


arm-adillo-prismacolor-pencil-carry-case-cool-pencil-case-artist-bag-art-supplies-griffinAs an artist that is starting out in the field of art, sometimes it is never easy or straightforward to get into your stride; it’s possible that you might be discouraged or find difficulties expressing yourself in what you’re trying to draw. Well, not to worry, it’s all part of the beginner’s syndrome and once you’re able to make use of the information in this article, then you should be good to go and begin your journey to being a great artist.
A lot of people interested in drawing ask a common question which is quite important and the question is “where do I begin from? I mean where exactly do I start?” The question stems from the fact that there is a lot of tutorials and videos on YouTube on how you should draw or what to draw that it becomes so mind-boggling and overwhelming which only leaves people confused and stranded. People then try to locate a starting point for their journey as an artist but it’s quite simple really; just decide what you want to draw. Determine where your strength lies and let that guide you in making a choice. So decide whether you want to be a portrait artist or maybe a car artist or scenery artist but whatever it is, just make sure it’s something that resonates with you and comes to you naturally.
Now to begin your journey, you need to get a sketchbook rather than making use of sheets of paper that you keep crossing out and then you pile them up in a corner of your room. Don’t do that; a sketchbook is better and cheaper because each time you’re working with it, you will be flipping through previous work and locating one defect or the other which thus provides you with room for improvement. So next thing is to start sketching because you will want to get your dexterity up and improve the control that you have over the instrument that you’re using to draw and even within the muscles in your hand and shoulders. It’s all part of being a beginner and it’s the frequency of sketching that will bring you the needed improvement.
So, definitely at the start, it will be crappy or rough and not too pleasing to the eye but don’t be bothered or dejected but rather continue; try to do your sketching for at least an hour for 5 to 6 days a week and the more you do it, the more you get better at it and the higher your chances of zooming past the beginner stage soon. Next thing is to look up tutorials on that topic or area you have focused on. Now let me point out that a lot of tutorials are crappy and won’t give you what you need which is why you might need to check out a lot of tutorials to get the one that will work for you. To make your search easier particularly on YouTube, just examine the thumbs up to thumbs down ratio and choose the one that works for you. Once you do, just follow the instructions on it and apply it. Basically, just get into it and don’t let the fear in your mind hold you back and even though it might get uncomfortable in the beginning, you will love it as you go along.

So when I need to think fast, I keep my pencils strapped to my sketchbook using the arm-adillo. So check out the pencil case. It is perfectly designed for out and about drawing, for art on the go below. -Thanks


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