How to Get over a Plateu


arm-adillo-prismacolor-pencil-carry-case-cool-pencil-case-artist-bag-art-supplies-paintingsWhen you are progressing at anything in any medium there will naturally be phase at which you get stuck in learning. When I started I was improving at a very steady and fast pace. The day I hit my first major plateau was a big disappointment to me. I didn’t know how to react and it nearly crippled my entire art career for some time. Eve thigh I had teachers around me that were telling me what was going on, I still couldn’t shake the feeling that maybe it would never go away.
That plateau lasted for almost a year. I honestly could have gotten over that plague a lot faster if I knew what I knew now. So let me go over it.
1) Take Breaks – I never ever took a single prolonged break when I was first practicing. There are people that argue that, that’s what you should be doing when you first start learning a skill. Put in the mileage enough so that it becomes a habit. That can be great, but having periodic breaks every few hours can give you the breathing room to look and digest what you are doing. Its timed breaks that lets your brain reset and recover. If you are in the gym and working a muscle every day, you won’t give the muscles time to grow and recover much stronger. Don’t keep banging your head against a metal wall because it will not yield positive results but rather it will leave you scarred. Look the brain just sometimes need to be allowed to stop thinking, hence the recommendation for breaks. It could be in form of a walk, a movie, spending time with loved ones or just sitting at the park but whichever you choose, just remember to take rests.
2) Understand that you are Like Everyone Else- I used to see certain students accelerate very quickly in class and go on to be very successful in their career very early. I used to view those people as being somehow different than me inherently. It was an excuse I had set up in my mind in case I failed. I needed to understand that they were the same as me, and there was no excuse for failure. Once I realized if one person could do something, then I knew I was capable of doing it as well. So stop limiting yourself; in fact, if you really want to be successful as an artist, then you need to think of the impossible and dream bigger than yourself. Don’t ever feel you can’t achieve a particular thing; remember, you are the architect of your life and there is no excuse for failure.
3) Having Fun – This was the hardest part for me. I make everything a chore. No matter what I’ve ever done in my life I’ve turned it into work and it’s felt like work. This was something that was very hard for me to overcome and still is sometimes. You have to remember the reason you began drawing. It was to create things from my mind and leisurely have fun with it. I started to bring my ego into the equation and I was drawing to have a good result and not drawing for the sake of drawing itself. Well, you need to learn to enjoy art; that is when you will be able to put more life into what you’re drawing and you will be satisfied. So no matter how hectic your schedule might be, learn to just have fun with art and play around a little because that reduces tension and opens up your mind to new possibilities.

So these are a few things that got me over my plateau in record time. I hope you found these tips helpful. And happy drawing.

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