How to Get Rid of Shakey Hands



arm-adillo-prismacolor-pencil-carry-case-cool-pencil-case-artist-bag-art-supplies-1-octopusA lot of people are faced with the problem of shaky hands when they are drawing such that while tracing a line, the lines are wiggly or something like that. It only points to one thing which is that you need to draw more regularly and constantly. It’s all a beginner thing actually and all you need is to spend more time drawing so that your dexterity can be improved while also increasing your pen control. It is really a topic that comes up so much among artists that are starting out and it has the potential to stop or discourage such people from moving past the beginner level in the world of drawing.
Basically, this shaking of hands has to do with the level of dexterity in your hands which means it is low and you need to start practicing more. It’s just like when you start running and then you get the shin splits which is when your shin hurts as a result of you running. So, really, it’s a problem that occurs because you’re just starting out as an artist.
In order to get rid of this problem, there are some exercises that you can engage in which will help to improve your dexterity and give you better control. You can start by drawing circles all over the paper of your sketchbook because a lot of the struggling usually occurs when you’re trying to draw an arc or a certain part of the image you have in your head such that there’s probably a curve you want to pull from the arc but becomes difficult. Why? It’s because you are overthinking it and that is happening because you do not pull that curve a lot. This means you lack practice; you need to gain more control and the control is obtained by drawing more. Now, it does not matter what you draw; it could be circle, square or any shape but just make sure you are drawing regularly.
In the process of drawing any of the shapes you choose, try to make it as neat as possible as this will help your progress. You need to draw lines that exude confidence and the confidence only comes when you draw more and also if you know what you are drawing. A confident line will be one drawn without breakage; drawn at once and smooth. Another thing you can do is to have markers or two dots at two different points on your paper and then try to join them with one shot. This will really help your lines to be smooth as time goes on thus helping you to build your confidence.
Another is to just draw like an abstract shape and try to darken it. Then when drawing, try to turn the paper so that it gets convenient for you especially with curves and then do not just use your wrist alone but put your elbow into it. Ease yourself into it and don’t fight your body but basically, just do more and try as much as possible to practice every day. You need a pencil case.

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