Meet Us

Armadillo team “The Arm-adillo is something I’ve used for years,” says Enrique, the mind  behind the Arm-Adillo concept. “It wasn’t until after several people wanted to
buy it, that I decided to think about redesigning it with a team and selling  it. I  got a team of the best people I knew. And we worked on the new design.”

As artists ourselves, we researched people’s natural habits when sketching.  The places where pens/pencils are most often stored are pants pockets, or separate backpacks.
Lugging a separate unnecessarily large bag just for your pencils is not ideal, and having pencils In your pocket can lead to pocking your thigh, or hand as you reach in to the pocket.

The Arm-adillo eliminates the need for an extra bag when sketching out and about. When you want to store your pens/utensils you simply strap them using the Arm-Adillo to your arm or sketchbook. It even has a magnet to attach to tables, sides of signs, blackboards, the fridge, just to name a few.

We hope you’ll love the Arm-adillo as much as we do!