One Secret to Getting Better at Drawing


blog-pencil-case-supply-pencil-bag-arm-adillo-art-supplies-artist-pencil-caseArt is around us and a lot of people are engaged in it particularly in the form of drawing and painting; this article is focused on showing the major key to success in art. It’s not so much a secret because it’s hidden but a secret because a lot of people seem to miss or ignore it and also because it does not get enough emphasis which is the purpose of this article- emphasize on this secret.
It is something observed in the beginner and intermediate levels of being an artist but particularly in the intermediate level such that if such people were to make use of this secret, they will move to a higher level or get better at being an artist. With this secret, no matter the object you’re drawing, you get to draw it better.
So time to let the cat out of the bag; the secret is simple and it is you thinking in 3D. This is one thing that will improve your drawing. Let’s look at some examples. For instance, say you’re trying to draw a bug; as you go about it, you’re thinking in 3D while at the same time focusing on the form of the object rather than the actual drawing itself. You allow the 3D thinking to be paramount in your mind and then allow yourself to express it on paper. Basically, you’re thinking it as you’re drawing it and it’s almost like a subconscious action hence the reason why you should focus more on what is going through your mind as you’re drawing rather than the actual diagram.
Another thing you can pick to draw is a cube such that as you draw it, you’re thinking in 3D space and X-ray vision. You’re thinking ‘how will it sit?’ You need to also think of all the angles of the object such that it will look more like ‘it’s sitting there’. So perspective comes into it and then your general framework will be thinking within this 3D form.
One that you can pick again which really comes up a lot is the character form such that after drawing, you feel the character is going to step on the ground and then you draw a floor to match this all in 3D showing where his feet will be but a lot of people don’t do this particularly beginners and it makes it look like the character is floating. You then need to ask yourself if this character can support its own weight such that if it is put in a 3D software or video game, it looks real.
At this point, you might be wondering how you will be able to accomplish this with your mind, well it’s more like a structure that you have in your mind rather than just a mindset. One important thing to keep in mind is to think of other things in the landscape of your drawing and how they will relate with the drawing. This will be particularly useful to those in media as it will definitely improve their drawing and with time, it becomes a part of you and a habit, and at this point, everything gets easier.
So when I need to think fast, I keep my pencils strapped to my sketchbook using the arm-adillo. It is perfectly designed for out and about drawing, for art on the go below.  -Thanks


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