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armadillo-cool-artist-bag-artist-pencil-case-artist-case-1I’ve never been an organized person. My folders from highschool were a mess and covered in scribble. My locker was horrendously gros with old food and clothes. And my room was a giant heap of old clothing and video games. I was a C student through my entire academic life. So organization is something I had to teach myself. The reason being is that the more organized I was, the more work I got done. And this wasn’t up for debate; it’s just how I functioned.

I would see people who were well organized completely pass me up. Every artist I strive to be like is someone who is either naturally organized, or someone who forces themselves to be. This can mean anything, it can be someone who is clean, or someone like me, where I lets things get dirty and then do a cleanup once a week. You’ll find all kinds of things you thought lost like chap stick and old papers from the past.

This is one of the original reasons I created the arm-adillo artist pencil case. It was meant to be a tool for organization, so I can always find my pen/pencils. I hated fumbling in my pocket for them. Many times Id end up poking myself on the sharp ends while searching. At times I would also mix things up and lose pens. The artist case made sure I didn’t.
I wanted to optimize my life, starting with my art supplies. I realized this helped me get so much more done. The more organized I got, the more I got done. It requires a level of willpower. Will power is like a muscle, the more you use it, the stronger it becomes over time. I would first start by creating small habits, like cleaning up a little bit every morning, then gradually adding things to the list of responsibilities. One by one until eventually you have a lot momentum going. You are working to create a habit. Eventually it should be by second nature. Small changes can lead to large changes over time. If you mess up, start the cycle over again.
What can you do right now if you are naturally disorganized? Would start immediately by cleaning up your workspace, organized your supplies. And make a list of things you can do. The armadillo makes one part of your life a lot more organized. If you are an artist it’s a bigger part then you think. The artist bag can be purchased at a below. -Thanks


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