Taking advice from a Non-Artist


arm-adillo-prismacolor-pencil-carry-case-cool-pencil-case-artist-bag-art-supplies-1This is a question that has caused a lot of stir and debate among artists and experts in the drawing world with some saying “yes” while others say “no”. In reality, it is subjective but one thing to realize at this point is that while you might be an expert in a particular field, sometimes listening to the opinions of others might actually shed a light on an action you’re carrying out without you realizing it. Listening to the opinions of non-artist is not necessarily saying that you have to take everything they say and act on it. No, it’s just to say that you should not ignore it completely but rather try to give it some thoughts.
Sometimes, you might just ask someone what they think of something, you could be surprised at the answer they will give. Someone may say something like “Well, there’s something that feels wrong about this image or painting. Or I really don’t like this that you drew.” You then begin to wonder why such person does not or what exactly is wrong with the painting? You might even ask the person for their reasons for giving such opinion and it might happen that they may not be able to provide you with a solid answer. So rather than take it harshly, just consider it for a moment and see if the opinion will improve what you’re drawing or not.
One thing you need to understand about this opinion or advice of a thing coming from non-artists is that they are also human beings and like artists they experience life and see things too: the environment, people, events and so on. While it is normal for them to have an outsider’s perspective, don’t expect them to have a tangible reason for their opinion because they do not know how it works. You are the artist, the one that analyses the things you see around you; you’re the one with a creative mindset to see something and think of expressing it on paper in form of images.
So there is really no need to just ‘throw out’ those opinions especially once it is a constructive criticism and even if it’s not, just try to consider it for a moment and mix it up in your brain with an objective outlook before you decide on what to do with it. Now, there will be some opinions that are rendered just to spite you or discourage you and obviously, you don’t need to give thoughts to those one because they want to deter your progress.
Now, obviously, the kind of advice you will get from a practicing artist cannot be compared with the one from a non-artist because such person does not know much about the world of drawing and this is not to say that you can’t get valid advice from such people but do not bank on it. Well, most times, non-artists just speak out their mind without knowledge of your field or any idea how it will apply to what you’re doing; so, hear them out if you can but don’t take their advice hook, line and sinker.

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