Top 5 Mistakes Made by New Artists


arm-adillo-prismacolor-pencil-carry-case-cool-pencil-case-artist-bag-art-supplies--ana-misty-catAs a new individual at an endeavor or field, it’s normal that you will be faced with some difficulties and this might cause you to make mistakes. Similarly, in the field of drawing, artists that are just starting out tend to make mistakes as well which can actually be avoided if they are well informed about it. It’s logical really; when you know about a place that is dangerous or will cause you to lose your way, the next thing to do is avoid such places right? Same thing that is being discussed here. While there are various mistakes made by new artists, this article will be discussing the top five mistakes that new artists make so that such can be avoided. If new artists are able to learn and avoid these mistakes, then they will be able to learn quicker, faster and better. The mistakes are:

Thinking supplies are everything- in reality, supplies do not matter. This is to say that the caliber of instruments you purchase for drawing is not going to make you a better artist. A lot of people tend to walk into an art store and buy the most expensive instrument or tool they can lay their hands on thinking that it’s a magic wand or something that will aid their cause as an artist but it won’t. What you need to be a better artist is hard work rather than the brand of the tools which are in fact just part of the process to being a better artist.
Wanting to get results immediately- being good at art and drawing is not something you’re born with. It’s all about practice and patience. Just like a kid does not start walking immediately he or she is born, don’t be thrown off balance when the desired result does not come as soon as you expect. So don’t expect to start drawing and be good at it immediately because it will take time.
Ignoring the basics- drawing is work and it is real work. If you want to be a professional artist, it is a ton of work and requires a lot of dedication and commitment. There is a lot of repetition and practice involved but trust me it is fun once you get used to it. I mean, you literarily being able to put something you imagined in your mind down on paper is an amazing feeling and it doesn’t get better than that. So what’s the hard work you ask? The hard work requires knowledge of anatomy, perspective, structure, shading, learning how things move, pivot points, composition etc. You need to learn the basics over and over and drill them again and again in order to make them muscle memory and seamless.
Hardly practicing- this part is practically being lazy. If you fail to practice, do you think you will be great as an artist; remember, practice makes perfect. This means that you need to practice almost every day if your aim is to be a great artist and break the beginner barrier.
Being too hard on yourself- a lot of people get dejected easily at the beginner stage because what they are drawing does not come off easily as they would have loved it to. But you have to stay positive because this is the fun part as every picture you fail at is a step closer to getting better at drawing.
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